Friday, August 13, 2010

Why is this so hard?!

Why is it 10 times as hard in week 4 than in the beginning ?!!  I am wanting to eat carbs SOOOOO bad it is driving me nuts!  It incredible hard right now to not lick or "taste" something of the kids.....i have not given in....but please tell me why it's harder now than the 1st week!!!  Are the yeast just getting killed off deeper down?  arggg. I feel like I am going out of my mind!!!!

Honestly, Karen, I think a part of it is the layering of the fungi, but a apart of it, too, is just the human flesh nature.  When we first bring something new to our flesh -- be it a diet change or an exercise change, or whatever.... our flesh pitches a fit for the first little bit.  Then it gets sort of quiet... thinking, "Okay.. but this won't last."  Then as the weeks go on... the flesh figures out this change is still happening. This is where "white-knuckling" change fails.... and our endurance kicks in. We endure not because of our will -- but because of God. It is God-reliance in anything that brings success.  I have found that when people being a new thing -- they start out in the mode of self-reliance and may in fact which back and forth between God-reliance and self-reliance.  Eventually the "self" tank gives out -- then the flesh screams, "I knew you couldn't last -- just give it up now! I want what I want!!"   This is point where the Spirit really really takes off and takes over. 

This is your last hurdle in defeating the flesh.  I can tell you that. 

This is your flesh's "last stand" -- so it is the loudest.  This is the point where April had to crank up the praise music to get her mind off food.  This is where she read the Word --- even at inopportune moments -- when temptation was banging at her door.   It will not last long!  The flesh is weak... very weak... from the past four weeks.... but it can't help but try to get you to revert.

Stay tough --- it is dying!  And the Spirit is developing super strong roots. After you cross this threshold, I'll tell you that you will NO LONGER be at the mercy of "flesh cravings."  They will have died.  You will come out of this a victor over your food battles that have harassed you a very very long time! 

Crank up the worship tunes --- bury yourself in your favorite passage of the Bible.... HE is your strength right now....

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