Thursday, August 19, 2010

I was a petri dish!

This Thursday will be 4 weeks exactly that she sat with me at my kitchen table for 2 hours teaching me about God's design and plan for our bodies.  I was ready to listen.  I was ready to take all that information and do something with it. God brought me to this place. 
His heart had been aching watching me "perish" with illness right there before His eyes.  
He has the answers.  
He has the cure.  
He used Deborah to feed me His truth and redirect my path to a life of "living" instead of a life of "dying".  
In 27 days I have gone from not being to get out of the bed, hold a hairdryer, unable to do basic chores and now walking, biking, and yes, even running!  
My fibromyalgia and arthritis is about 80% gone. 
In 27 days.  I am sure that if I had my diabetes test would come back negative. 

My journey is far from over...I am sure I will have to be on the "fungus killin'" phase for  at least another month or longer.  But, it will end.  It's not forever..."This too shall pass".  It's until I get rid of all the toxins that my body has had thrown at it all these years.  

My prayer is that God will show you when the right time is for you to hear this information.  And that is what it is ..information.  It's a seed to be planted and then God will grow it up in the right way.  You have to want to change.  You have to be ready.  You have to come to a point where you realize that your body is not how God designed it.  I am NOT talking about weight.   That is not the goal.  It is a by-product of eating differently, but it is not what drives you to "eat well". You have to have a crisis or be in such desperation for change that you are willing to let God take you down this path.   

I could never make it past day 3 on other diets.  
I have made it 27 days without any sugar, soda, carbs, chocolate,pasta, donuts, candy, cereal, pizza......something I NEVER thought would be possible.  
But- it is only possible when you understand what these foods are doing. 
 They are feeding the fungus and they love it! 
I am a parasites food trough!  Gross!  
When I took my focus off of losing weight and put it on my Ph levels and that my body is a petri dish....and with God's strength and timing....only then have I been able to do this.  
It's not been easy.  
It's not convenient at all.  
But God doesn't always call us to do easy and convenient things. 
He loves us and wants us to be in His image.  
We can't  come close to that if we are covered in fungus and bacteria that was not meant to be in our bodies.
God does NOT have a "fungus among us"! 

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