Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stupid flesh

Our cute little cabin

Jeff's collection!
Still doing great....on the diet that is.....having a HUGE flesh/heart issue with going to Seattle and NOT being able to eat what I consider yummy food!  No wine to celebrate, no desert in the nice restaurants, no bread, and what am I going to eat for breakfast in the hotel???? I can't cook my eggs and organic bacon!!!!!  I don't know what to do!::0

These went everywhere with me!
So, I need some prayer for this week....even the airplane my nuts and apples.....but that is it.  It's gonna be hard to not eat what they hand out.  Oh, who am I kidding!  They hand out peanuts!  I can live without those's going to be all the other meals "on the go" .

"Spitting in Seattle"
My flesh is telling to" go ahead and have a little desert or regular meal", so I know I am heading into a battle zone!  My flesh is screaming "VACATION" from everything...including this diet!  
Lots O water!
Bistro salads- I could take off the cheese

Stupid is slow to learn that God is already on the plane, already in Seattle, on Mt. Ranaier, has already gone before me and carved my path!!!!! 

                            We never take a vacation from God's word , right?  

Stupid just wants chocolate and a Coke 0.......God has beautiful things to show me AND HE will provide what nourishment I need during this week!

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