Sunday, August 1, 2010

A few tears....

Day 10 is restful! 

Last night I was frustrated,tied, and hungry so I got teary and down.  We had dropped the boys for a kids night out at digital arts program then we went to REI to try some more bikes for me.  I also tried on some hiking shorts for when jeff and I go to Seattle at the end of this month....the size 16's would not go over my hips.  It just made me mad and cry! 

I wanted to eat the world but my wonderful hubby stopped at trader joes and got some pecans and green apples to eat.  We only had about 45 minutes before we had to pick up he boys so it was not enough time to go home.  
So, I made it through day 9 with some tears, but I made it!
If I can go 10 days with no soda, cereal, donuts, carbs.....anyone can!  I know I would never been able to work as hard as I did these past 3 days at the consignment shop if I had been throwing down my usual foods!  
I think God blessed me by allowing my body to function well these days to help my friends.  I even worked there yesterday for 4 hours , then went shopping ......3 days straight with no nap and being on my feet the whole time..

that was from God!

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