The spit test and the pH test

There are two things you are 

looking for to find out if  yeast 

might be your problem. 

 1.  the spit test   

2.  the pH test

I know I know....this really sounds 

quacky!  I thought so too at first.  

But it is not.  

These are the 2 test markers for 

yeast overgrowth.  

My goal is to have both markers 

correct at the same time before I 

discontinue phase one (the detox 

The blob of strings!

1.  The spit test:

As soon as you wake up in the 

morning before you put anything in your 

mouth, get a glass of water in a clear 

glass that you can see through. Don't 

use tap water. 

Collect saliva in your mouth with your 

tongue and spit it into the glass. 

Now keep an eye on your saliva in the 

glass for the next 15 minutes and

observe what it does. 

According to advocates of this method, 

if you see any of the following, then it 

indicates the presence of yeast 

Dropping down 

Like this

1. You see thin strands that 

look like strings or spider legs extending 


It's alive!
2. Your saliva floats to the 

bottom and 

looks cloudy

3. Your saliva is suspended in 

mid-air and looks 

like little specs are floating.

    2.  The pH test:

    Ph paper acid test: first 

    thing in the morning 

    put tongue on test 


    Goal is for it to turn blue. 

    Saliva needs to be towards blue!
    If  green or lighter, 

    then pH balance of 

    body in too acidic- 

    which means it is a 

    breeding ground for 

    yeast to grow.

    You can test your urine as well with 

    these strips- urine SHOULD be 

    acidic- if not- then body is not 

    getting rid of the toxins.

    You can buy these pH strips at the 

    Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, or 

    other health shops and online.

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    Thank you so very much for posting your experiences. This was more concise information, and have learned more from your blog than I have reading other pages.