Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another die- off! UGG!

Can you experience die off symptoms more than once? Like as you get farther into this and more fungus is killed at a deeper level......cause this weekend I have had NO energy, felt yucky, and this morning I feel like my head is going to explode!

Yes, it is completely normal to hit subsequent brick walls.  I believe April hit more than one in her process.    Karen, you are a month into the process... and as I explained there are various layers of tissue cells that require examination by our body's army. 

My headache is one of the worst ever!  I feel so tired and yucky...just want to parents have Karianne today and Jeff will be home soon, so I think it will be a lay in bed and rest day for me.

On day 31!!!  I'm going to push through....headache or not!

I've just been in bed all day.  My body aches all over! I am trying to remember this is a good thing.....another thick layer of fungus being taken down!!

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