Anti-fungals and Probiotics

 It is vital that you starve the yeast and kill off any fungus already present. 
Diet is just one of the essentials to doing this.  You also need antifungals and probiotics.

You should take these at every meal
a.   Olive Leaf Extract- (Best two brands are Seagate and Solaray) take 2-3 with each meal. This is a very powerful antifungal/antibacterial- it is natural is will kill off the bad stuff while leaving the good stuff alone.  It also acts like sandpaper scrapping off the undigested food off your gut. 
b.Caprylic Acid

c.Oreganol Oil P73
e.Psyllium husk(great to take everyday!)
f.Grapefruit seed extract

It is a good idea to rotate every few weeks with the different anti-fungals.

The purpose of these is to put good bacteria in your gut to be able to fight off things that are not supposed to be there. They are very powerful against yeast! 

It is best to take them at night on an empty stomach so they can really do their job. 

Be  very careful as most  probiotics are just dead strains. Do not waste your money on just any brand that is cheap or that claims to be the best.

The two best brands are:
1.) Natren-  It is expensive but If your facing cancer or another serious health problem this would be worth the money.   (In Australia after an investigation of probiotics and their usefulness, Natren was the only one allowed back on the store shevles! Most all the others were just dead strains or did not do what they claimed to do.)

Here also is her blog for valuable information about probiotics.  
2.)  Dr. Ohhira’s Essential Formulas 12 Plus- Can be found Earth Fare, Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe and also online.
His strains are grown together so they don't "kill" each other like the other brands do.  His technique for growing  these strands is very unique which makes his product worth buying while others are not.
You are truly not doing yourself any good by just doing the diet.  Taking anti-fungals and probiotics are essential to getting rid of the yeast and establishing a healthy gut.

Here is the website I use to buy Seagate Olive Leaf Extract and Dr. Ohhirah's probiotic: