Sunday, December 5, 2010

50 things I have learned on this 133 days.

 Oh...I could keep this list going for a loooong time!  But here are just a few off the top of my head in no certain order:
my spit test

1.  I was a petri dish. Literally.  Don't  you love my spit test picture?!  Those are all just yeast colonies hanging down. Very nice.
2.  ALL corn, peanut, and soy products are harmful to your health.  I know.  Go ahead and say it.  It can't be true. is.  They have all been genetically modified.  They are ALL bad.  It's hateful, I  know. 
3.  My fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue were all caused by fungus.  Yup. Fungus.
4.  People will give you funny looks when you mention the "spit test".  I am sure I gave Deborah Kirby the same look when she told me about it.

5.  McDonald's eggs contain soybean oil, partially hydrogenated oil, soy lecithin....and 18 other ingredients.  Seriously?
6.  Unless you are a have most likely never studied mold, yeast, fungi, or their subsequent mycotoxins....even in Medical School.
7.  When Candida proliferates, it changes form.  It changes from a simple relatively harmless form into one that is capable of penetrating the intestinal lining.
8.  When Candida get into the intestinal lining it causes a breakdown of the boundary between the intestinal tract and the circulatory system.
9.  Leaky Gut is when yeast cells pas through the intestinal wall and enter the blood stream.
10.  Yeast ferments sugars into alcohol.
11. When yeast ferments sugars into alcohol, this destabilizes blood sugar and leads to intense cravings for more sugar!
My yummy hamburger soup
12.  Yeast are tiny organisms but they can get us to do exactly what they want us to do- eat more sugar and carbs!
13.  The page with the most hits on my blog is "So...what can I eat?".
14.  Grass fed beef is expensive and you can only get it at Trader Joe's and Earth Fare.
15. My flesh fights hard for what it wants.
16. You can feast without yeast on Thanksgiving!  
17.  Almond meal from Trader Joe's has become the new "staple" in my pantry.
18.  After eating eggs for almost 133 days in a row...I am still not able to lay one myself.
Almond fried chicken!
19.  After eating eggs for almost 133 days in a row...I am not clucking or growing feathers- although I feel like I should!
20.  Nitrate free bacon from Earth Fare or the Hormel brand at HT is the best!
21.  Traveling yeast free is almost impossible.  It is 90% doable but not easy.
22.   Your pH balance can be altered easily through anti-biotics, foods, toxins, environment, illness, which in turn can trigger a deficiency in not only the hydrochloric acid content of your system, but the digestive enzymes in the intestinal tract as well.
23.  Complete digestion may never occur if the pH is not where it should be.  The undigested substances then literally ferment in your system which creates an increased level of harmful bacteria.
24.Herxheimer reaction is called "die- off".  It's when the large number of yeast are being killed off producing toxins until the body can get rid of them.  It will make you feel worse at first but it means you are killing the fungus!
25. God designed out bodies to be at a  pH of  about 7.35-7.45.  Most illnesses have the same root....too much tissue acid waste in the body.
26.  An acidic body is a unbalanced body- which causes a huge strain on all the major systems.
27.   Artificial sweeteners cause the body to become acidic which causes a breeding ground for yeast.
28. Almost ALL drugs are acidic.
29.  Soda has a pH  of 2.5!  It takes 32 glasses  alkaline water to neutralize one can of soda! 
30.  Hydrochloric acid has a pH of 1.5
31.  When several diet sodas are consumed in a short period of time, as much as 250 milligrams of methanol are dumped into the bloodstream...32X the EPA limit!
32. Acid oxides whatever it comes in contact with.  If you put soda on will rust quickly.
33. When the body  is acidic it creates a welcoming environment for viruses and vacteria to come in a flourish. 
34.  No bacteria or virus will enter an alkaline body and grow or mutate.  They can't live.
35.  Aspartame converts to formaldehyde in your body.  Yuck!
36.  A common preservative sodium benzoate has the ability to switch off vital parts of DNA. It's messing with your DNA people!
37.  The phosphoric acid in soda competes with the hydrochloric acid of the stomach and affects it's functions.  Food remains undigested causing indigestion and bloating. ( which causes, oomm, gas)
38.  Soda can remove rust from a car bumper.  Image what it's doing to your digestive tract!
39. Diseases FLOURISH in an acidic environment.
40.  The pH of cancer or arthritis patients is always low.  The sicker the person, the lower the body pH.
41.  Yeast overgrowth in the gut can actually cause elevated blood alcohol levels even when you have not had any alcohol. Yup- it can make you feel drunk.  Don't feast on yeast and drive.
42. Being on a yeast free diet really stinks most  all of the time.
43.  Eating out on a yeast free diet is almost impossible.
44. Jason's Deli is one of the few places I can eat.
Snow skiing with Karianne
Having fun!
45.  As much as I complain about having to not eat the foods that I  love, I am grateful that I can get out of bed, play with my children, walk, open a door, tie a shoe.....I am grateful I am living again. 
Ice skating
46.  It is very difficult to host a teen boy social at your house.  The amount of pizza, chips, and brownies is just too much!  
47.  I can cut up brownies and put them on a plate without so  much as licking the knife or my fingers!  But I really wanted to.
48.  My flesh is very weak.  I could not do this without the power of my Lord.  
49.  I still get mad that I have to do this.  I pout, complain, whine, crave foods, sulk, feel sorry for myself.  
50.  A 4 year can learn to look for the word "corn" on any label and let you know that you can't have it!


Deborah said...
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Deborah said...

Precious, Karen. I was so blessed to see your beautiful, fully alive face, and I was amused by your "learning statements."
Blessings rest upon you always, my friend and my sister!