Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't think God's gonna release me from this any time soon!

I keep feeling like God is NOT going tom release me from this until I have the food cravings under control.  I still want the junk.  Hard to believe but I do!  If given the ok to eat it I am not sure what I would do.  I still want to go back to Egypt some days.....knowing full well what it did to me for all those years.  And you are right.....I can't fix years worth in just a few months.  Sunday in bed was a vivid reminder of just how far I have come considering that was my everyday life just 96 days ago!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Slow going it seems

I have lost 2 more pounds this weekend so down 25 now.  But still very slow compared to what I eat.  I still think I am having some die-off as I have had a head ache and am still tired today.  But I count that as blessings!

I know it seems like forever, Karen, but compared to how long you ate the old way verses the new.... I truly believe your body has made remarkable progress. Just a little over three months compared to years?!  Well, shoot -- there is no comparison!  You just keep on, sweet one..... the rewards are still coming to you day by day....


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Die off #7?

Ok- so yesterday was die off #7!  
In bed all day- so tired I couldn't move- whole body hurt. ( a nice reminder of how I used to feel ALL the time!  
Wow- how did I manage to deal with that as long as I did!)  
It was the 4th day of Diflucan so I am assuming it conquered another "layer" and it was all built up in my system.   
Sunday morning my urine ph was blue again.  Today is as yellow. 
I feel better this morning.    
My spit test this morning- gross!  huge blob slowly sank down- didn't even separate until it got closer to the bottom. (took pics of course!)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 90!

I am on DAY 90 of yeast free diet!!  Yes, that is right! 
 90 days without carbs, bread, pizza, soda, sweets, french fries, birthday cake, processed foods, splenda, nutrasweet, corn, peanuts, soy.....still not yeast free inside yet- but making progress! 
 All my muscle pain is gone, my arthritis is gone, my blood clotting disorder disappeared, my chronic fatigue is gone, diabetes-gone!!! 
 It has not been easy- but well worth getting my life back! 
I encourage everyone that has allergies,skin problems, rashes, infertility, arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes(type2), chronic fatigue, sinus problems, depression, thyroid issues,heart problems, any medical problems at all- especially if your doctors are baffled or not really knowing what is going on....look into this.  

Yeast overgrowth is a MAJOR source of all illnesses!  

Mycology (study of fungus) is not taught in med schools so your doctors most likely are not in tune with this. 

 I was put on medication after medication only to feel worse. 
 This is NOT a quick fix crazy diet. 
It is eliminating and killing the yeast that has gotten into the gut.  Once in it them  leaks out into the blood stream and attacks ALL major systems in the body.  The thyroid is one of the hardest hit.
 It is about getting your gut healthy.  
It is about getting your bodies pH back to normal.  An acidic body is a breeding ground for yeast!  They love acid and sugar!   
It is about getting your life back- not just losing weight quickly. 
 I have gone from not being to get out of bed, move my hands, open a milk carton, turn on a turn signal, open a car door to being 95% pain free! 
The cure has been ALL diet. 
Yes- it would have been nice to have that magic pill or quick fix.
 Having to be on such a restrictive diet was not my first choice! 
 But the other things did not get to the root of what was plaguing me. 
I could have saved myself a lot of pain and suffering if I had only known about this ( or was willing to LISTEN to this information) first instead of getting worse and worse from medications and eating foods that just fed the monster even more.   
You MUST get to the root of the problem- not just the branch. 
Excess yeast in the body is killing so many of us. It seems so innocent- but it is deadly.  Again- most health care professionals are not up to date with this.  
They are NOT looking for yeast to be the cause for all these medical conditions.  
It's not because they don't care- it's because they don't know! There are archives at Duke all about this- but when penicillin was discovered all that wonderful information about how yeast/fungus affects our bodies was buried.  
The medical profession thought they had their magic bullet with antibiotics.  Little did they know- it was a discovery that would cause a lot more problems than it solved. 
 My 2 mini-strokes in June were a huge wake up call to me.  (ok- and not being able to move and get out of bed!)  
My pain and suffering were all due to yeast.  
90 days= 23 pounds gone. 
Climbing Mt. Rainer. 
Playing with my children. 
Riding bikes. 

Press On

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


urine ph=yellow!
Saliva ph=blue!
Lost 3 pounds since Saturday! Total of 23 now.

Spit test- all immediately sunk to the bottom........hummfffff!

3 yeahs, 1 boo hiss!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Almond meal bread

2 cups almond meal
2 eggs
1 tsp. baking soda
2/3 -1cup real sour cream
2 TB’s olive oil
Stevia(1 TBSP)

beat eggs, sour cream,  baking soda, Stevia, salt and olive oil until smooth
add almond meal and blend with mixer
preheat oven to 400
pour mixture into greased glass pie plate
bake 20-25 minutes until done

I put some organic butter on mine!  Yumm!

**I have also made this almond meal bread with pumpkin puree, nutmeg and cinnamon- yumm! 
**  I have also started making these into muffins.  I add lots of cinnamon to make them extra yummy!

Fully prepared to be doing this for a while

I am now fully prepared to go through Halloween with no candy and Thanksgiving with no pie!(Thanksgiving food never really is a problem, I don't like most of the traditional stuff).Oh, and the fair with NO food at all! ( we have not been to the fair in 4 years but I actually want to go this year for all the educational stuff.  All the years before it's been all about the food!)  

Christmas is going to be a tough I am not even going to think about it yet!( That would hit right at the 5 months mark)

"Finally, sweet child"

I need to get back to the "once a week" checking of ph, spit and weight.  It's so easy to get focused on those "numbers"(or color!).  
I truly feel that God is not going to "release" me from this until my heart is more in love with Him than the food. 
 I still have the cravings, get upset that I can't have the food I want.  It is getting less and less, though as time goes by. 
But I am still battling the flesh on this. 
Some moments I just want to go back to Egypt for an hour.  
Just an hour- or even just 15 minutes- enough to taste a bite of a donut, a bite of pizza, a huge bite of a Golden Corral yeast roll! 
I pray God will NOT give me the desires of my heart on this one and turn me over to my sinful thoughts.  His strength through this has been incredible. 
 I am not sure if there has been any other event where I have truly had to rely on Him so much to get through.  
Oh, there has been lots of tough trials and events in my life.  But this is a daily minute by minute thing- it's flesh against God.  
Not sadness over a death, worry over a job lost....but outright flesh fighting for what it wants. 
This has been a battle I have been trying to fight for 20 years or more.   
I just feel God standing next to me when I have the thought to "just take a bite"- I hear Him saying, "Trust me with this- I will be with you to the end". 
Even days when I don't even open the Bible(I know, appalling!) I feel Him with me every minute.  More so than ever.  
It's like He's saying, 
"Finally my sweet child, you have gotten to the path I wanted you to be on all these years! 
Finally, you are doing it my way, not man's way."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Am I getting close?

Well, this past week about 85-90% of my spit was staying afloat!  Just a few very thin stands went down.  But this morning is was like it was before- as soon as the spit hit the water it went blobbing down.  I am hoping that this means that I have gotten to another layer of yeast and it is surfacing!??

Day 83 today!  Guess I'd better pinch and gulp the nasty grapefruit seed extract! One morning last week I did it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and it was I could do not to throw it back up!  I have been taking taking the tablets more than the extract but have run out of them. 

I still have 40 pounds to lose so I have a feeling I won't be done with this until more comes off.  I am in a craving mood again so again, maybe I have gotten to another layer and they are screaming!

Thanks for all your encouragement through this.  I can't tell you how many people God has put in my path for me to be able talk to about diet!  Even in Virginia, one of the moms has MS and I am pretty sure she is ready to give this a try!  I have friends emailing me with stories of their friends who are desperate for help because they are in pain and have been to doc after doc.  So I have been passing my testimony (the one I wrote at 8 weeks) to them to pass to their suffering friends!  God is working in mighty ways!