Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stir fry with Coconut Aminos

My new favorite dish to cook is  stir fry.  
It's easy. 
 It's fast. 
One pan used. 
My kids love it.

All the things that make my life so much better!

Through Doug Kaufmann's newest cookbook, I have discovered Coconut Aminos.  

It's a great alternative to soy sauce. 

Beef stir fry:
100% Grass fed NY Strip steaks thinly sliced 
Coconut Aminos- I did not measure but about 1/4 of the bottle (you can easily add more if that is not enough)
Garlic stir fry oil
Olive oil
Sea Salt
Onions- sliced
Fresh green beans
Fresh alpha sprouts

Pour oils in sauce pan and heat.  Put in beef and veggies.  Cook!

I have also made several variations of this using chicken and other vegetables.