Sunday, August 15, 2010

A battle of the flesh

This is a battle of the flesh...and it's not pretty in my heart sometimes....

The only thing I can say is that me being on this diet for 23 days  without a lick of "cheating" is so beyond my own abilities ...the ONLY way I have made it this long is because of the power of my Father. 

 I also KNOW that this is what He wants me to do because all those times in the last 2 years that I have kept trying another diet and could never make it past day 3!  That was not where He wanted me, even though I thought it was. 

 He wanted me to surrender my food issues to Him for sure, but it was at a much deeper level than just a 5 bars and one lean and green meal a day! 

That was not getting to the root of where He wanted to take me.  He had such more planned for much more to teach much more to show His power in me.  That is why the other program never was on my own will, not His, cause that was not His will for me.  

I was more caught up in the quick weight loss than I was anything else.  God wanted to show me so much more!

He wants to show me how He designed my body to His image....not packaged, canned, or processed!

Thank you so much for walking through this journey with me, letting me be real,and most of all praying for me.  God has used you in a mighty way in my life.....I am so blessed He put you here!

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