Sunday, June 6, 2010

The mini-strokes begin

The view from my 11 year old

Jackson was so scared but he took pictures 
Hey all Karen's friends. She is at Wake Med North ER right now after experiencing stroke-like symptoms. We'll keep you posted, but she has improved some already. Doctors do not think it is a stroke at this point since both sides of her body were equally affected. They will continue to run tests on her this afternoon. Keep her in your prayers.
June 6 at 3:24pm ·

update on Karen - she is back to "normal" but still at the hospital. CT scan and X-rays have come back OK. We're still waiting to see if blood work shows anything, but she's improving each hour and is currently enjoying a Bojangles dinner in her room. We may go home tonight and see the doctor in the morning. She can smile again now, so she's definitely feeling better.

this is Jeff posting for Karen. She had a 2nd "event" about 8:30 tonight, so instead of heading home she's off to Wake Med. She's feeling OK now, but we don't know what's going on. We do know that it's not a stroke or seizures even though it shows signs of both. Hopefully we'll have more answers tomorrow. Keep us in your prayers. (PS the kids are fine with Grandma and Grandpa!)

Jeff for Karen again. She's had several tests run this morning, but we still don't know for sure what's going on. She hasn't had another episode since last night and is still acting herself. Now we just need wisdom from the doctors. Pray they're looking at the big picture.

We're still at Wake Med tonight. No new news. Karen's still not had another episode and the doctors still haven't come to any conclusions. We think the ball is in the neurologist's court. They think they have ruled out a stroke, but that's about as far as we've gotten.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at 11:20am

Hi everyone- actually from Karen this time! I just want to thank everyone for all their prayers and responses. Jeff read many of them to my in the hospital while I was dosing in and out. I feels good to be home- but there is a sense of anxiousness in that I have no idea why these 2 stoke/seizure "like" episodes happened and if they will return as fast as they came on. I am thankful that all the tests(CAT scan, x-rays, MRI, EKG,EEG, heart echo,bubble test, artery ultrasounds, not to mention the 100 times they took my blood!) were normal. I may never know what happened but I just now have to have faith that God will protect me and give me the peace I need to move forward and not worry too much about them returning. For now- I am enjoying clean hair, my own pjs, no needles in my arms, and no shots in my stomach! And the ability to smile- something I could not do when my face was paralyzed during the episodes- never knew smiling was such a blessing! The ability to walk and talk- something that was also taken away during the episodes. I just have to say that the Durham firestation on Norwood are THE BEST! they were at our house before Jeff even got off the phone with 911 on Sunday. The Six Forks Rescue was awesome as well. And a special thanks to my husband who kept me calm during all this and stood by my side through everything. I can only imagine his thoughts while watching me go through these episodes- but he stayed calm for me. and of course, my parent's who followed the ambulance into the neighborhood and have taken care of my kids all this time.
Please continue to pray as I try to "go back to normal". I am taking it easy today- the boys are here with me - since Jeff went back to work I didn't want to be alone but didn't feel I was up to taking care of Karianne yet. Please pray for peace for me and that I won't be consumed with why this happened and if it would happen again. thank so much- what a great group of people God had put in my life!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Too tired

Wow- the house is quiet with no kiddos....hummm...I could either get some stuff done or go to bed.

 yup- going to bed- 

I am tirrreeeddd.