Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 90!

I am on DAY 90 of yeast free diet!!  Yes, that is right! 
 90 days without carbs, bread, pizza, soda, sweets, french fries, birthday cake, processed foods, splenda, nutrasweet, corn, peanuts, soy.....still not yeast free inside yet- but making progress! 
 All my muscle pain is gone, my arthritis is gone, my blood clotting disorder disappeared, my chronic fatigue is gone, diabetes-gone!!! 
 It has not been easy- but well worth getting my life back! 
I encourage everyone that has allergies,skin problems, rashes, infertility, arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes(type2), chronic fatigue, sinus problems, depression, thyroid issues,heart problems, any medical problems at all- especially if your doctors are baffled or not really knowing what is going on....look into this.  

Yeast overgrowth is a MAJOR source of all illnesses!  

Mycology (study of fungus) is not taught in med schools so your doctors most likely are not in tune with this. 

 I was put on medication after medication only to feel worse. 
 This is NOT a quick fix crazy diet. 
It is eliminating and killing the yeast that has gotten into the gut.  Once in it them  leaks out into the blood stream and attacks ALL major systems in the body.  The thyroid is one of the hardest hit.
 It is about getting your gut healthy.  
It is about getting your bodies pH back to normal.  An acidic body is a breeding ground for yeast!  They love acid and sugar!   
It is about getting your life back- not just losing weight quickly. 
 I have gone from not being to get out of bed, move my hands, open a milk carton, turn on a turn signal, open a car door to being 95% pain free! 
The cure has been ALL diet. 
Yes- it would have been nice to have that magic pill or quick fix.
 Having to be on such a restrictive diet was not my first choice! 
 But the other things did not get to the root of what was plaguing me. 
I could have saved myself a lot of pain and suffering if I had only known about this ( or was willing to LISTEN to this information) first instead of getting worse and worse from medications and eating foods that just fed the monster even more.   
You MUST get to the root of the problem- not just the branch. 
Excess yeast in the body is killing so many of us. It seems so innocent- but it is deadly.  Again- most health care professionals are not up to date with this.  
They are NOT looking for yeast to be the cause for all these medical conditions.  
It's not because they don't care- it's because they don't know! There are archives at Duke all about this- but when penicillin was discovered all that wonderful information about how yeast/fungus affects our bodies was buried.  
The medical profession thought they had their magic bullet with antibiotics.  Little did they know- it was a discovery that would cause a lot more problems than it solved. 
 My 2 mini-strokes in June were a huge wake up call to me.  (ok- and not being able to move and get out of bed!)  
My pain and suffering were all due to yeast.  
90 days= 23 pounds gone. 
Climbing Mt. Rainer. 
Playing with my children. 
Riding bikes. 

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