Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Q&A about corn, fungus, mycology and mycotoxins with Deborah Kirby

Q:"if the corn has fungus in it why can't the fungus be killed during heating before you eat it?"

A: It can.... it is the mycotoxins that can't b/c they are not "alive" to begin with --- they are the pee and poop by-products... and are seriously isn't the fungi that are heat resistant. What is heat resistant are the mycotoxins Since such by-products are not "living" to begin with, they can't be killed -- even at high temps such as the likes of autoclaves, but are so named ("myco" meaning fungi, "toxin" meaning poison) because they are highly toxic to living beings.

Q: "but if you kill the fungus BEFORE you eat it, then you are not getting the mycotoxins, right?"

A:  Yes, you are getting the mycotoxins that were there prior to killing of the fungus. The fungus is there. Doesn't matter that you kill it. If it was residing there... it left mycotoxins behind as it most certainly did eat while living...

Q:  "so fungus is not the "real" problem in the corn but the mycotoxins it leaves behind which CAN'T be killed"

A:  Sort of -- if the fungi wasn't there to begin with -- then there would be no duplicating of its DNA with the corn and there wouldn't be mycotoxins to contend with... so fungi are still the root .. but their by-products (mycotoxins) are just as much of a nuisance.

Q:  "the fungus can be killed but not the mycotoxins?" 

A:  correct
 Both fungi and mycotoxins do harm to the body. Most -- with the exception of cooked products -- fungi in the body are living. They are taken in through either breathing or eating. In all cases, mycotoxins are present. You can drastically limit your exposure to both fungi and mycotoxins by drastically limiting your grain/carb intake. (Recall carbs are fungi's number one food choice.)

Q: " why can't a new kernel of corn be made that does NOT have fungus in it?"

A:  the fungi "discovered" a way to replicate itself along with the corn's DNA... so it no longer just lives at the surface -- it is now in the core of the corn kernel. There is no way for any "new" corn to be produced without already being universally contaminated by fungus.

Q: "How can I find out about universally contaminated foods?"

A:  Anyone interested can google "universally contaminated corn" and get more than a fair share of reading material on the subject. I strongly encourage education on these subjects. Documented research has shown corn (and other grains) to be universally contaminated. To get you started, look into Dr. AV Costantini's work (past director of W.H.O, World Health Organization). He has a plethora of research material on the subject of mycology (the study of fungi).

Q: "Why do most doctors not look for fungal overgrowth as the source of many chronic illnesses?"

A:  Mycology is the most overlooked subject in medical school. As a scientist, I have looked into this topic for well over ten years, and have seen numerous people recover from a wide range of illnesses by going after fungi within the body. For me, sufficient evidence that is time-tested substantiates the validity that fungi are at the root of many many diseases.
I am not anti-doctor -- nor anti-medicine. They have their proper places. 
But I am a firm believer that too many people eat without a thought to the consequences. 
Hippocrates said, "Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food." I utterly and completely agree. 

But if there is one thing I firmly believe and have seen much evidence to support, it is that fungi are a very very real enemy to the human body, and they cause all manner of symptoms and diseases.

Start digging... you will be amazed at what you discover.

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