Sunday, December 5, 2010

Back to July....the Doctor I didn't want to see

It was a Monday in July and I was in the  planning stages of a trip to Seattle in early September with my husband.  I had recently found out from  a specialist that I had a blood clotting disorder called Lupus Anticoagulant Disorder.  I was very frightened of the thought of  flying across the country knowing this new information.  I had visions of landing in Seattle and being rushed to the hospital for a blood clot that formed while flying such a long distance.  It was an unnecessary anxiety.  But it was very real to me.  I had done some research on this disorder and felt strongly that I would need to take extra precautions on this trip.  I decided to  call my family doctor who has taken care of me for over 18 years.  He could not see me that day but there was another doctor that had an opening.  I REALLY did not want to see someone new.  Good many times was I going to have to tell my life story over and over.  In the hospital after the TIA's I was extremely frustrated with having to repeat myself every time a new doctor or intern came in!  I had no desire to see anyone other than the man that knew me without having to look at any of my records.  My anxiety level about this blood clotting disorder and flying across the country caused me to go ahead and resign myself to seeing someone else.  I reluctantly went ahead and made the appointment wondering the whole way there if I should have canceled it instead.

I was very impressed with this doctor from the start.  There was just something about her that led me to trust her and feel comfortable with her.  I explained briefly what had been happening to my health since January and the TIA's.  We discussed all the different medications I had tried and different array of doctors I had been pulled and pushed to.  She then spoke words to me that for some reason hit me upside my head and managed to somehow scrape off the thick layer of denial, self pity, need for a quick fix and feeling of hopelessness that had embedded itself deep within my soul. 
That's  it.  
That's all she said. 
Ok, there were a few other things like how some of the medications I was taking were most likely doing more harm than good.  My diet needed to consist only of whole foods, nothing processed.  I needed to eliminate all the sugar, caffeine, diet soda.... But that sentence struck me like a bug on a windshield.  
I left that Monday in July knowing that I WAS going to overcome all that had been placed before me.  
I left her office so thanking God for putting me right where He wanted me.   
That day. 
That Doctor.  
Those words.  
That afternoon is when I emailed Deborah Kirby to come meet with me and help me.  
That Friday I started this yeast free journey.
It was not by chance that I saw Dr. Tollefson that day.  

Not by chance at all.  

God made that appointment for me.  

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