Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to celebrate a birthday without yeast!

Yes, it can be done!  This is my second family birthday since I started the yeast free diet.   Today is my mom's 71st birthday.  We opted to go to Briggs Restaurant where I knew I could get "real" eggs with nothing added and strawberries.  I was almost overcome by the smell of sweet maple syrup while cutting up my daughter's pancakes.....but I resisted the temptation to even lick the knife. Any of you that know me are aware of my "past" with pancakes/waffles/syrup!   I had to be happy with my eggs and strawberries.  
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Since my mom is not a real fan of huge amounts of sugar(i.e cakes, cupcakes, could I have come from this woman?!!) my wonderful husband spent most of the morning whipping up the yeast free cheesecake that I can have on phase one.  He even created some chocolate using unsweetened coco, real whipping cream, butter, and stevia.  
He IS the man!  
The kids won't eat the cheesecake but they were just fine with the ice-cream that was already in grandma's freezer.  

Birthday party=success!

For supper we went to Sweet Tomatoes.  Normally a huge carbo-binge place for me.  Skip the salad and get straight to the mac & cheese, pizza, muffins, and desserts!  Not tonight.  Just salad with olive oil and salt !  Yes, I was gazing at my children as they stuffed down their usual foods.  But I stuck to my guns even when the "cookie lady" came by with the fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies!  

I had in my mind my reward for when I got home.  

A slice of that yummy cheesecake leftover in the was gonna be mine!  

This is actually about my 6th birthday "party" I have been to in which I have had to resist or say "no" to the cake when offered.  Each time I always get the same question when I say I can't have the sugar.  "Are you diabetic?"  "Not anymore", I reply.  

 Funny looks most often follow.  

For some that is the end of the conversation, for others it leaves them intrigued.  
So they get to hear my story from being unable to get out of bed to climbing Mt. Rainer!  
All the while they are stuffing their faces with the cake I can't have.  
Usually within the first 3-4 minutes of me talking, they slowly start putting their fork back on the plate as if they are doing something illegal!   It's quite amusing to watch!  

I have a few more birthdays to get through. My oldest son's is 2 days before Christmas.  Then, of course, the best birthday in the world on Christmas day.  

That, I will save for another post.  Getting through birthdays without cake is one thing, but getting through Christmas without peanut M&M's, Reece cups, Hershey's miniatures, Christmas Eve lasagna........good thing God can move mountains cause I am going to need a SuperHero for this!

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