Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A great blog I came across tonight....

I  came across this blog tonight and it is packed with info!  


Andrea Fabry said...

So nice to connect with you, Karen!

Your recipes look awesome.


Karen Bundy Barlow said...

Hope you don't mind me posting your blog on my blog! We found out last year about this time that we had mold all in our crawl space and air vents. We had the crawl space cleaned and sealed and a whole new air duct system put in. We have testing ok sense then. I think my viral meningitis was most likely caused by the mold. It was after that my health went down hill fast. The two mini-strokes in June about did me in! I plan on putting my children on the yeast free diet as well- I was going to do it once I was under control...but almost 5 months later I see this is going to take longer than I thought! So after Christmas I will make the changes in their diet as well. I have already gotten rid of all corn, peanuts, and soy products in my house. If they eat it , it's not in my home! I saw changes in my oldest son when I started the diet just by removing all the processed foods from the house. He has ADHD and I was able to remove one of his meeds.
I look forward to getting your updates! What a journey you and your family have been on!