Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One of the many artificial sweeteners used in Medifast products that is not safe

Almost all Medifast products contain Acesulfame potassium. This contains a dangerous chemical that is known to cause health problems, even cancer..

How can this be healthy?

Reasons to Avoid Acesulfame Potassium

Acesulfame-K has been approved by the US FDA, but 

there are several potential problems correlated with 

consumption of this food additive. Even though there 

are many studies that attest its safety, acesulfame 

potassium is still suspected of causing benign thyroid 

tumors. In rats, the development of such tumors took 

only 3 months, a period in which the concentration of 

this additive in the consumed food was between 1 and 

5 percent. This is a very short period of time, so the 

substance is believed to have significant carcinogenic 


Methylene chloride, a solvent used in the manufacture 

of acesulfame potassium, is the substance that may 

give the food additive its potential carcinogenic 

characteristics. In addition, exposure to methylene 

chloride for long periods of time may lead to such side 

effects as:

■Breast tumors

■Chronic respiratory disease



■Kidney and liver problems


■Lung tumors

■Mental confusion


■Visual disturbances

Acesulfame potassium may also increase the appetite, 

by tricking the satiety signals of our body. When 

consuming products that contain this artificial 

sweetener, cravings for extremely sweet foods may 

develop. In these conditions, taste perception is 

changed and the taste of fruits and vegetables do not f

eel tasty anymore.

Medifast does NOT equal health!

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