Thursday, July 22, 2010

Enter..... Deborah Kirby

Desperate for change, I emailed my friend Deborah Kirby.  She had been teaching classes on health issues for a while and invited me several times to come.  I wanted to- but you see, I was always too tired!  I could never muster up the energy to go.  I didn't even really know what her "talks" were about.  But on July 22, 2010, she came to my house and sat with me for 2 hours.  It was an amazing life changing 2 hours.  God sent her to me at just the right time.  I was finally ready to listen to what she had to say.  

 I was ready to take all that information and do something with it. God brought me to this place.  His heart had been aching watching me "perish" with illness right there before His eyes.  He has the answers.  He has the cure.  He used Deborah to feed me His truth and redirect my path to a life of "living" instead of a life of "dying".   I was to the point in which my health was going down hill so was scary.  

I was dying. 

The Lord brought me to a place where I knew I had to do something. 

For a while, I thought it was other diet plans.  I bought into them- but failed at them every time I tried it.

 They didn't get to the root of the problem.... they just tried to fix the branch. 

 I had to get to the root- that is the part that was killing me.  

 Little did I know that the ROOT of my illness was fungus.

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