Friday, July 23, 2010

And so the yeast free journey begins! The first week!

Day 1:  Very ready to get this started!  I have gone to the store and gotten everything I need.  Being prepared is vital to this!

Day 4:
oh- 5 pounds lighter today than Friday!  spit test still steaking down and very 4 is off and running!  I will tell you that I have NEVER made it past day 3 on the other diet- the cravings were so horrible I couldn't stand I know why!

Day 5:
ok- so tonight we had our first grass feed beef- cooked in in Amy's marinara sauce....tried to do the squash noodles but failed miserably!  I think I definitely needed bigger squash- but seeing how this was my first time EVER buying squash...what did I know?  I cooked noodles for the boys to eat with it( and Jeff ate that since the squash was a flop).  I mixed up a bowl of the beef/sauce and put snow peas in it with a little bit of mozzarella cheese on it.  not bad....never thought I would eat such a meal!

Jeff bought some almond meal at Trader Joes- so I am googling things to do with that.

I also bought some grass feed tenderloin steaks for me and Jeff.  

day 5 is almost over!!!  had several cravings today- but was able to push them away.  it's interesting- with the other diet( that I have tried off an on , oh, about 20 times, in the past 2 years) I was always soo concerned about the scale and my day would be dictated by what the number said.  if I didn't loose, it would through me into the opposite mood- I would want to just give up and I would eat more.  With the yeast free- I am so much more focused on my health, not my weight.  the weight loss will happen as a byproduct of eating this way- but I don't have the urge to weigh myself all the time.  My marker is not the scale but the spit test!

Jeff's ph was blue this morning... stinker!  Mine is still green( dark) but my spit test this morning still was streaking down and cloudy....but it did take about 4-5 seconds to move!  big improvement over the first 2-3 days in which there was no millisecond wasted before it started going down!  

Day 6:
Day 6 may just be the day I hurt someone!!!  Oh, my I am cranky!!! No patience with the kids, irritable,headache, hungry,  feel panicky.....think I will go lay down for a while to see if it will resolve...

"This too shall pass".........
You are so NOT alone! 

Here is an oldie -- but goodie!  Crank it up ---and "let it rise" within you!


Made it through day 6!  whew!  

Thanks for the song- I love that one.  made me think of yeast, though...."Let it rise"!!  Just where my mind was today!  
But Jeff made a "fried" chicken with the olive oil and  almond meal/egg batter- the kids loved it!  he cut it up like chicken nuggets.  
almond meal fried chicken

Wow- I can't believe tomorrow is day 7- I never would have thought I would have made it this far!  

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