Monday, September 12, 2011

What's in your cereal?

I am in constant search of foods that my family can eat that do NOT have:


These 3 are known as the "evils" of my house!  They are genetically modified, universally altered beyond repair, and full of toxins that can do a number on anyone's body.

Remember....corn has NOT always been bad.  It was not until sometime in the 80's or so that it became genetically modified and also universally altered to contain a fungus in it's DNA that is not even able to be killed by autoclaving.  

But things are different now.  

The corn your grandmother grew and the corn you grew up on is NOT the same as it is now.

I found out rather quickly that our beloved Cheerios would be off limits.  I just now ran through each type of Cheerios  that is made and NONE of them are ok.  


Corn by many different names.  

Corn meal, corn syrup, maltodextrin (from corn), modified corn starch just to name a few.

You can see for yourself here on their website.  What's in Cheerios  Pick your favorite and see what's in it!  Remember, the ingredients are listed by what is first on the list is what it has the most of.

All those years of giving my children Cheerios......and all I was doing was feeding them toxins and fungus.  
Good thing I know now.

What's in your cereal?  

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