Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Time to switch things up a bit...

Ok, so I am on day 69 today.  No cheating, not even a lick of anything.  My ph goes back and forth between green and blue.  Urine ph is ok.  Spit test......still just streaking down, cloudy...some is staying on top but for the most part it hasn't changed in 69 days.  Some days it will take about a minute to start going down but most days it doesn't take but a few seconds.(I don't test it every day- about 1-2 times/week)

I have gained a pound this week.  Not happy about that.  I have switched to psyllium husks and cut back on the OLE.  I eat eggs for breakfast every morning.(think I am going to start laying some little chicks soon!!!), I make a fruit smoothie for lunch-8-16 oz. Of plain yogurt(Greek style has more protein, less carbs)and a small bag of frozen strawberries and blueberries. This is enough to last me all afternoon- I sip on it for a while!  For supper I eat meat, salad or veggie, maybe some almond bread.  If I get hungry during the day I eat a green apple, almonds...I keep those in my car.
Am I doing something wrong?  Or am I just at another turning point?  Should I get some Nystatin to boost the yeast killing ? Is the smoothie too many carbs?  I just feel like I have stopped with the progress! 

I'm trying not to focus on the weight.  All my pants are too big and I have lost several inches in my waist,stomach, and legs.  I don't feel any thinner but people are starting to comment on how great I look.(guess when you are almost dead, anything looks better!!)

I am not giving up by ANY means!! Good golly I have made it way farther than I ever thought I would!  God has just poured out His power on me!  I just wonder if I need to do something different.
Sounds like it is time to switch things up a bit.  Suspend the probiotics for a few weeks.... and switch to Grapefruit Seed Extract. It is at Vitamin Shoppe --- bottom shelf -- and less then $10.... It is a liquid.   It is powerfully bitter... but also very effective against Candida.  It is recommended that one put 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract mixed with juice (I have been known to put it in a swig of my lemon water... but it is BITTER. Thus I pour out literally just a swig of the lemon water into a separate glass, add the GSE .... swig that down (with my nose pinched so I don't taste it.. then quickly take a sip of my lemon water. )  twice a day in between meals for the first 3 days. Increase the dosage to 15 drops twice daily for days 4 through 10. On days 11 through 28, increase the grapefruit seed extract to 15 drops 3 times daily in between meals.  Once you complete this, start the probiotics back up. 

As for what you are eating, I would only do the smoothies a few times a week at best.  They are dairy based... and should be done at a minimum ---- certainly the Candida is benefiting from a daily dose of smoothie.... so cut that way back.  Better to have a meat roll-up or salad to switch things up a bit.  Make sure you are not in-taking too many almonds.  Again though they are good for you... nuts are high in calories and fat. 

Indeed our culture is suffocated with food....  it is a physical representation to our spiritual condition.  The vast majority of the populous couldn't imagine denying themselves anything the flesh wants.  Like most spiritual things it takes determination to stand against the current and do what is right. 

Hang in there....  This really will pass!!

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