Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Food has been a plentiful!

Day 47 for me......still want the food I am not supposed to have.....beach =ice-cream.....but not for me!  We have not eaten out yet....the hushpuppies are going to be hard to pass up....but I have made it 47 days without cheating, I'm not going to mess it up now!

My ph goes between blue and dark green....so it's not bad.  Its been like that for a while.  Spit test this morning at the beach had some still going down with a little floating.  

I wish the cravings would go away!  I still have to fight them.  I can resist and know I am not going to even take a little bite....but the desire is still there.  I keep wandering what the first food I will eat will be once my spit floats!  

Jeff's new creation!  Almond meal bread- YUMMY!!!
I still have soo much weight to lose so I have a feeling I will be doing this for a while!  The weight has not fallen off as I thought it would considering my major source of calories has even taken away.

Jeff is making one of his special chicken and almond meal recipes tonight. 
 I won't be partaking in the ice cream for dessert,  but I have to be thankful for what God HAS given me to eat! 
 Food has been still plentiful......

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