Thursday, February 3, 2011

What is "die-off" when doing a yeast free diet?

Die-off symptoms will occur when you start the yeast free diet. It's a GOOD thing! This means that the killing has begun! I have experienced about 10 "die-off" periods during my 6 month journey so far. The worst were at the beginning. Now they tend to be headaches and just being tired. Here is a list of just some of the things that you might feel....but don't let that discourage you! Remember.....this means you are killing off the bad stuff in your body. It is only temporary.

Die off symptoms can consist of almost anything, but the most common scenario is that you will have an exaggeration of whatever type of symptoms it is that you already experience. You may experience physical and/or psychological symptoms. Here are some of the most common symptoms of die off:

- brain fog
- poor concentration
- tightness in the chest
- heart palpitations
- fatigue
- muscle and joint pain
- headaches
- sore throat
- anxiety
- depression
- irritability
- crankiness
- diarrhea
- sinusitis
- itching
- constipation
- gas and/or other gastrointestinal distress
- nausea
- intense cravings for sweets and carbohydrates
- cravings for alcohol
- you may even feel like you're drunk, because the yeast puts off alcohol.

Candida die off will diminish over time, but the length of it's duration is dependent on how strong the antifungal is that you're taking, how the antifungal kills it, how capable your body is for detox and how much Candida overgrowth you have. It may last a few hours or it may last a few weeks.

Some antifungals, like Nystatin, work by literally blowing up the Candida. As you can imagine this creates more intense die off symptoms than antifungals that kill it gently.

Try and hang in there and remind yourself that it's only temporary and that you're making progress. 

Candida Die-Off Symptoms: How To Identify And Treat Yeast Die-Off Reactions

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