Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new year.....a new beginning

Part of me is very happy for 2010 to be over.  It was a tough year for me.  However, I truly feel that God allowed everything that happened to me.....for a greater purpose. 
Some of that purpose I can see now.  Some I will not see until I see Him face to face.
All the  health problems, chronic pain, mini-strokes were all part of God's plan to bring me full circle.  
He has been trying to get my attention in this area for years, but I had just tuned His voice out.  
 It's really not good to tune out the one who created you, designed you and knows how every cell in your body functions. 
It's really not good, I tell you.
But just as a parent has to discipline their child, so does my God(my ultimate parent) have to discipline me.
I am so thankful He did and still does. 
I am so thankful He loves me enough to not let me go.
To not let me keep my blinders on.
To not let me keep my ears plugged.

He knows what is best for me. 
That is why ignoring His voice is really not a good thing.  
He knows what my body needs.  He knows what my body does not need.
He does not need a book to read or a website to go to...He knows it all. 

2011 will be a year quite different from 2010. 

I doubt seriously we will have used up all our $3500 in our flex spending health account before June like we did this year.  
I doubt we will need anything close to that amount.
I doubt I will have $21,000 hospital bills.
I doubt I will spend over half the year in pain.

I doubt I will be free from my dietary restrictions.

Although I am not always  happy about my dietary restrictions.....and often complain to my husband about them....I am happy that God removed my blinders and ear plugs. 
snow skiing!

The things I will do and enjoy in 2011 because of this will outweigh my memory of how delicious Tony's Pizza is, how mouthwatering a hot Krispy Kreme donut is, the sweetness of birthday cake and candy.  
I still hope to have these things again one day.  
But it won't be anytime soon.  
Maybe 2012.  

For 2011, I will spend more time listening to my Father's voice and less time worrying about what others think about the spit test being quacky, aspartame being bad for you, yeast being the cause of most chronic illness, and corn really not being good for you.  
Time for blinders to come off!

I can't remove the blinders for someone else.
I can't unplug your ears.
I can't live in a bubble.
I can't remove all bad things from my body.

I can do the best that I can with what I am given.
I can tell you what I know now to be true about the food we eat.
I can tell you that the food we eat greatly affects our health.
I can pray for others who are suffering.

I look forward to what God has in store for me and my family in 2011. 
The only kind of peanuts allowed!
Monday will be the beginning of my unpopular decision to have my children go on the yeast free diet as well.  (Unpopular to them, that is!)
They have all flunked the spit test in various degrees. 

Fast food will be no more!
I love them enough to disciple them ....just as God did with me.  
They know it's coming.
I know what is best for them.  My Father taught me 5  months ago.
If you hear wailing and gnashing of teeth come's at my house.  
Don't worry.
They will be fine.
Yes, baby, you will live!
They will live.

I  pray that God will remove blinders from the eyes of anyone suffering and not willing to listen to His voice.

I  pray that God will do what it takes to get your attention.

It's worth it.

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laura said...

Karen, I just found your blog through April. LOVE it! My husband and I are following the Fungus Link - for very different reasons. I would love to have my children follow the program as well - but have not figured out how to do that. Are you going to start them on Phase 1? I have been worried that they will not get enough since they are still growing - so I thought about just having them follow Phase 3? If you have time, I would love to hear your thoughts. THANK YOU! Love the blog! PTL for the wonderful things HE is doing in your life! Laura