Saturday, May 29, 2010

If only....

I have tested several times for celiac- but I know I have to have a problem with it- that, yeast, and lactose....I might as well just become a rabbit- by the time I take out all the foods that cause me problems vegetables are about the only thing left. yuck- sorry, but I actually do not like veggies unless it's Veggie Tales. uggggg- I hate having to change everything....but I don't have a choice.

( I am in the grieving stages now! denial, anger, denial, anger....)
May 29 at 11:12pm

I am just at the beginning stage to where I can turn it back around.

 Gee- now, if I could only get my joints and muscles to cooperate with me so I can exercise.......

I've got to break this cycle somehow- the more tired and in pain I am, the less likely I am to even try to get my body moving.

 I am just going to have to bite the bullet and make myself start.....tomorrow that is.....
May 29 at 11:33pm 

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