Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How it all got started...... a few face book posts

3 hours in the urgent care today- horrible upper respiratory virus- I begged for something- anything to make me feel better- don't think I have felt this bad since having a baby.....I like the old days when they would give you an antibiotic whether you needed it or least you feel like you didn't waste all that time and money in there.....

3 hours in the Northern Wake fever spiked tonight to 105- so off to the hospital we went. I was so faint,dizzy,weak they had to wheelchair me in. But after another round of IV's-laced with Zofran and Toradol and Morphine ( aaahhhhhh- finally some real relief)I am feeling better.

aahhh...a day with no IV's or visits to the ER.....I am feeling better- but still have a ways to go before I am able to be out and about....enjoyed the snow from the bed today- got to listen to the kids through the window...I'll take that over nothing!

It's days like today when..although I am feeling better- but not well enough to tackle school, the kids, the house...- that I am thankful that my 11 year old son likes to cook- hamburgers for his brother and peanut butter/honey sandwich for his, if I could just train him to clean up...but thankful I didn't have to get out of bed to fix lunch!

is tired and ready to go to bed! I have done a little too much the last 2 days since having meningitis...I think it just caught up with me! nothing wrong with the kids having cereal for breakfast and supper, right??!!

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